A lot of investment is needed to lớn install and integrate capital equipment into a semiconductor production line.

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These comprise salaries, capital equipment costs (including the building), overhead costs, & supplies as required by the program.
During the sixties, however, the infrastructure was allowed to lớn deteriorate because of the lack of foreign exchange needed to import necessary capital equipment and the scarcity of well-trained personnel.
First, small-scale firms may concentrate around a single industrial site, create externalities of production (sharing capital equipment & expertise) và facilitate the division of labor between shops.
Other major industrial sectors - chemicals, construction materials, light industry, and food processing - also suffer from quality problems, obsolescent capital equipment, and pollution.
Towns và cities, with their industries, trade, commerce, their permanent housing and capital equipment faced a radically different situation.
However, to lớn preserve the stock of productive capital, employers must replace capital equipment as it wears out or becomes obsolete.
For example, skilled craftsmen in poor countries can make a remarkably real-looking name-brand handbag with relatively little capital equipment & proprietary knowledge.
Which means we"re gon mãng cầu have lớn give an incentive for small and large companies lớn buy capital equipment and small and large companies to lớn make things.
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