Crowded đi với giới tự gì? chắc chắn là là thắc mắc chung của đa số người. Để hiểu hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng tương tự cách áp dụng “Crowded” trong giờ Anh như vậy nào, hãy cùng kiếm tìm hiểu chi tiết ngay trong bài viết dưới đây.

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Khoảng 15% ngôi trường hợp cần sử dụng crowded in :

It was beyond crowded in there.

It was super crowded in the front area.

And it gets so crowded in that courtyard.

It’s getting crowded in there and all my data points to something big on the horizon.

TOO crowded in summer tourist season in my opinion but ful of colour, sights và smells.

Some districts, such as Manhattan’s Lower East Side, were the most crowded in the world.

The singles are complaining they are lonely & couples complain about the fact they feel crowded in a relationship.

And what about the rest? What can you delegate? What can you bởi vì less of? Your plate should get less crowded in a hurry.

Riding the bus The busses can get very crowded in Samoa, & most people hate to stand on the bus (I don’t blame them).

The kitchen và communal lounge are quite small và I imagine would be quite crowded in peak season, but they have two.

Khoảng 10% trường hợp sử dụng crowded on:

It may be very crowded on sunny days.

Very crowded on Friday, less so on Sunday.

It can get quite crowded on weekend nights.

They were headed towards a nearby park which would be quite crowded on a day like this.

Route 66: Big club with mostly R &B; và Hiphop tunes, can be very crowded on the weekends.

This attraction is very popular with Jamaicans & can become crowded on weekends and holidays.

V/Line spokesperson Daniel Moloney said train services from sporting events were among the most crowded on the network.

How it would be too crowded on a holiday to go and the traffic would be terrible và how I thought I was coming down with a cold.

Is is really that bad? Any recommendations on streets to avoid 5 replies It is true that everything will be pretty crowded on St.

It is very crowded on the bank – it is exactly a B ar street! I was surprised that those Bars are rather prosperous even in daytime.

Khoảng 9% trường hợp cần sử dụng crowded at :

It got pretty crowded at times.

And not too crowded at 11pm Friday night.

The bus is usually over crowded at that time.

It gets crowded at the freshers ‘ fair, so use closable bags & keep valuables out of sight.

I didn?? t feel crowded at that time when the traffic jams occur at just a handful of places.

There’s a small beach that can get quite crowded at high tide but there are other things khổng lồ do.

Only a small place and gets quite crowded at times but Thankfully, NO SMOKE! so you don’t leave smelling like an ashtray.

Staff are friendly and although it can get crowded at weekends, you can generally get in và get some space (unlike Kehoe ‘s).

And with their low bank charges and also been state owned GCB, SSB & ADB were usually very crowded at the end of every month.

There are stunning views from beyond here, & particularly at the southern cape Laem Phrom Thep, which gets crowded at sunset.

khoảng 9% trường hợp cần sử dụng crowded for :

It all got too crowded for Abban.

This is getting too crowded for my taste.

It is very crowded for us khổng lồ take the buses.

Make the wordings short and simple and not too crowded for the guests to get confused.

We booked it when we went for one of our walks, it can get quite crowded for the games.

There was a gate, but as a general thing he was too crowded for time to make use of it.

This is a worthwhile site, although it is visited by many tour groups making it very crowded for much of the time.

Unfortunately the forward and rear areas are quite small which will make it very crowded for a large number of divers.

CHOICE TREASURE was checked on jumping when crowded for room between FINAL ANSWER và CHARITY SPIRIT which shifted in.

Dinemore restaurants are generally too crowded for me and the food is always too late (have to lớn keep reminding the waiter).

Khoảng 6% trường hợp cần sử dụng crowded during:

It is so crowded during rush hour.

Crowded during the autumn herring season.

It’s not too crowded during off-peak hours.

The place is small and it easily gets crowded during rush hour but luckily, we easily got a table.

Also count on public parks, shopping malls, và beaches lớn be more crowded during public holidays,.

Cameron Highlands is normally very crowded during the school holidays, weekends & festive holidays.

Beaches are less crowded during the wintertime allowing you lớn have engaging conversations with your love ones.

These restaurants remain crowded during dinner hours almost every day mainly on holidays till late in the night.

The place was becoming crowded during Marcus Visionary’s set, & many immediately migrated onto the dance floor.

The One Alii Beach Park can get crowded during the weekends, but during the weekdays, the beach is often deserted.

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Khoảng 4% trường hợp sử dụng crowded by :

She felt crowded by anyone getting too close.

Penn Station expected to be less crowded by then.

EPISODE FIVE The stage was over crowded by guest artistes.

It is a limited spectrum and getting more crowded by the day.

Of the areas we visit, Ethos is in one of the more crowded by juniors.

Sure enough, I started to lớn get crowded by the folks that wanted to run that pace.

Sagittarians can get claustrophobic, but you won’t feel crowded by a fellow Sagittarian.

A good club overall great music overpriced drinks though and gets real crowded by the end.

That way neither of you will feel crowded by the other person, and you have other people to talk to if you need to vent.

The problem is that they have been over crowded by illeterate people and your arguments are vague when you are saying believe me.

Khoảng 2% trường hợp sử dụng crowded around :

It’s not to crowded around here.

It really starts getting crowded around sunset, from 6.

It was the best, walking up the road khổng lồ the school; used lớn be so crowded around school time.

The boat to lớn England is going khổng lồ be more & more crowded around September for some years khổng lồ come.

The caf can get crowded around meal times so make a reservation if you plan to have a meal there.

Aside from a few crowded around tables catering lớn seafood connoisseurs, the water ways were mostly empty.

It really was like we were magnets to these gorgeous little children who crowded around and just watched us.

Khoảng 2% trường hợp sử dụng crowded of :

A rural idyll that never was — nor will be in this most crowded of isles.

Besides, crowded of them regard recognizing woman as a sexual device as something hurtful.

It is the busiest 1 và most crowded of the city’s boroughs, with a population mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of about 67,000 people per square mile.

Khoảng 2% trường hợp sử dụng crowded into :

At daybreak, scores more crowded into churches across the island to give thanks.

It got worse as the sick and starving crowded into towns seeking relief from the workhouses.

So that left the poor people from the ‘ Mary Celeste ‘ crowded into a tiny boat at the mercy of the Atlantic, in heavy seas.

There were probably more Catholic Irish crowded into this relatively restricted stretch of coast in 1836 than in any comparable Canadian space.

Hundreds more crowded into an entirely separate building, the Calabash Centre, a few hundred years from the hospital, where another video link was established.

Crowded into the Wahine’s public rooms và forbidden to remove their lifejackets, passengers could see for themselves through the windows how terrible the storm was.

Crowded into a cell with more than 100 other men, Jenkins remembers enduring repulsive và dehumanizing conditions, with prisoners not even released to use the bathroom.

Most of the displaced have sought shelter with relatives or friends, but more than 100,000 remain crowded into camps run by the government and international aid organizations.

Crowded into one of the decrepit rooms of this abandoned house, the musicians chanted, sang, drummed, and clapped while moving on and off the stage and then through the hallways of the house.

Seeing a live fado performance is a quintessential local experience, where locals and visitors alike can be found crowded into the city’s intimate fado clubs & bars to watch a performance unfold.

Breakfast buffet is great though it gets crowded after 9 am.

Almost all golf courses are magically less crowded after Labor Day.

Tapas: Right at the beginning of the soi, the place gets crowded after 11 và is open until 2.

Selfish me doesn’t want any more tickets — I don’t want the event to be too crowded after all! However Darren has come up with a fantastic alternative.

The gathering became over crowded after the arrival of President PTI, Javed Hashmi that the security had to lớn remove the barricade in order to make room for the increasing number of students.

There are also resorts, but they felt very crowded from what I saw.

Bali becomes crowded from June khổng lồ September & also in December (for the winter holidays).

Ben Shave Comments (2) Outside the đứng đầu 3 2 Monday, 08 October 2012 17:06 Val/Canada Still very crowded from 4th place down.

The choice was complicated by the need to provide a larger harbour of refuge at Holyhead, as this became too crowded from ships seeking asylum.

Govind Ghat & Ghangaria get quite crowded from July to lớn September with Sikh pilgrims on their way to Hem Kund, so it’s a good idea to book accommodations in advance.

It is just they seem crowded out of this market by the clunky old beasts.

Thanks to lớn my profligate blogging & tweeting, all the other Kevin Marks’s get crowded out of the results on google.

Not rushing onto solids can cut down on allergic reactions and ensures that breast milk and formula won’t get crowded out of your baby’s diet.

As I note in my book, one study of Tunisians looking for work reported that young adults felt crowded out of benefits in the family, school, & labor markets.

I totally feel crowded out of my own life because I focus my mind on the things that people do and use it as some kind of gauge to measure or define myself with.

Maybe it is less crowded as the first one, & charming.

It is also more relaxing và not too crowded as to compare with Brinchang.

But at no stage does it get crowded as the number of visitors is restricted, always.

It was still very crowded as the seats on the buses are very narrow and there is never enough leg room.

It was very crowded as the judging was being done in the small rooms adjoining the halls in the Direct Energy Centre.

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The self-fertilised plants were in consequence not so much crowded as the crossed, và thus had an advantage over them. 

3. Crowded đi với những từ gì?

VERBS + Crowded

be | become, get

The cửa hàng became more crowded.

ADV. + Crowded

densely, extremely, very living in densely crowded conditions

The shops were all very crowded.

| increasingly | a bit, fairly, a little, pretty, quite, rather

4. Một vài từ liên quan với Crowded

Từ đồng nghĩa


awash , brimful , brimming , chock-full , clean , close , compact , crammed , cramped , crushed , dense , elbow-to-elbow , filled khổng lồ the rafters , fit to bust , full , full house , full up , huddled , jammed , jam-packed , loaded , lousy with , massed , mobbed , mob scene , overflowing , packed , populous , sardined , sold out , sro , standing room only , stiff with , stuffed , swarming , teeming , thick , thickset , thronged , tight , topped off , up khổng lồ here , up khổng lồ the hilt , wall-to-wall , confining , narrow , snug , cluttered , fussy , congested , filled , impacted , serried

Từ trái nghĩa

adjectiveempty , uncongested , uncrowded , unfilled , incompact , loose