Grandparents becoming a 'forgotten generation' as millennials fail to visit and ask about their past

Grandparents are becoming the forgotten generation, with youngsters now too busy khổng lồ listen to their stories from the olden days.

Bạn đang xem: Grandparents becoming a 'forgotten generation' as millennials fail to visit and ask about their past

A study of 1,000 five lớn 18 year-olds reveals just 21 per cent will visit their older relatives khổng lồ hear about how their lives were different in the past; such as where they worked, how it was living in the war, & how they met the love of their life. More than half of youths have no idea what job their grandparent did before retirement – admitting they’d never thought to ask. Sadly, one in 10 admitted they are simply not interested in their grandmother’s or grandad’s previous job or talents và interests, & a quarter only turn up khổng lồ see them for pocket money. But 23 per cent claim the reason they don’t know anything about their older relatives is because they don’t really get the chance khổng lồ talk properly.Geoff Bates, spokesman for McCarthy và Stone’s Inspirational Generation campaign, said: “We know this generation have lived full lives with heroic tales to tell & so much khổng lồ offer, but how many of us have actually thought to ask these questions of our older family members? We want khổng lồ shout about the amazing feats retirees have achieved in their lifetime và put the spotlight on the wonderfully colorful lives of today’s older people. We are calling on parents và children khổng lồ talk lớn their grandparents, to find out what they have done in their lives – và continue to do, and tell us all about it so we can give them the credit they deserve.”Researchers found that although 65 per cent of youngsters vì chưng see their grandparents every single week, 37 per cent claim this is only because their parents want them to. & while 39 per cent talk to lớn their grandparents on the phone, Facebook or Skype at least once a week – 16 per cent once a day – conversation is rarely focused on what they are doing or have done in the past. Four in 10 kids have no idea what their grandparents proudest achievements are, while 30 per cent don’t know if they have any special skills or talents. Và 42 per cent don’t spend any time talking about their grandparent’s history – and are therefore clueless about what their grandmother or grandad was like when they were younger. Perhaps due to this lack of communication & respect, just six per cent of children say they look up to their grandparents as a role mã sản phẩm and inspiration. However, grandchildren are agreed their grandparents are both loving và friendly, while 43 per cent think they’re funny – with 23 per cent admitting they often have more fun with their elderly relatives than their parents.

A. Grandparents are outdated people in their families.

B. Young people now vì chưng not concern much about their grandparents.

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C. Grandparents are not interested in telling stories about their life in the past any more.

D. Young people are too busy to lớn take care of their grandparents.


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